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Whether you are using a professional keyword tool to find your keywords, or you are using a free tool, you need to choose a keyword or keyphrase that you feel that you can rank well for and then write an article targeting that keyword.

You may read a lot online about keyword density, and how many keywords you should include in your page, but in recent months Matt Cutts from Google has stated that there is no rule.

Content should be written for the visitor, not the search engines, so as long as you include your keyword in the title of your article, and a couple of times in the article body, you should be fine.

You can, of course use the keyword more than this, but the most important thing is that the article reads naturally.

You should research keywords, before writing any article or adding content to your site, or before adding an article to an article directory.

The use of a chosen keyword in anchor text is equally important for any posts or comments you leave on blogs, or any links you leave on social media and bookmarking sites.

If you choose the wrong keyword or keyphrase, it may take months or even years for your page to be on the first page of Google, however, with a little research, and knowledge you can have your page on the first page of the search results very quickly.

New articles and content, are crucial for the development of your website and online business, so if you are a good writer, and are passionate about your niche, you should have some fun and write some great and informative keyword rich content.

If writing is not for you, I would strongly recommend outsourcing this to an article writing company – its quick, easy and cost effective.

A good company for content, is iwriter

You can have a 300 word article written for just $2.00 (at the time of writing). I highly recommend their service, and quite often you will have a quality article back within an hour or two.

You are able to specify the keywords that you want them to write about, and choose how many words you would like in the article, select an existing article you have to be rewritten – you can even specify an ‘elite writer’ for the very best quality!

You may find that when you get your article back, you may want to edit it slightly, to add your own personality, but that is not compulsory and most articles are great for publishing to your website without any modification.

All in all, iwriter is a great way in helping you develop new fresh and relevant content for your website, at an extremely affordable price This will lead to more sales, more referrals, a higher client portfolio and more importantly – higher profits.

So if you want great content written for your website go visit iwriter


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