VR Headset, KAWOE 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Compatible with Smartphone Size from 4.5”-6”

PROFESSIONAL:KAWOE VR HEADSET is different from the existing products on the market.New asphyeric lenses are developed by professional optical team,with unique optical design,clear screen and no vertigo.
SUPER LIGHT:We are aspiring 3D immersive experience for users.KAWOE VR Headset does not only get a big improve on lens,only with more comfortable wearing band and less weight.The weight is 30% lighter than existing products in the market.
MORE COMFORTABLE:Following ergonomic design on headband,it is designed with respective load system,which means the whole weight would only disperse on the head.KAWOE VR Headset is with less weight,the headset does not cause any force on cheeks.

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