Upgrade Version Bone Conduction Intelligent Awake Glasses Polarized Sunglasses, Stereo Music Wireless Bluetooth Glasses, Ear Hanging Headphones Multi-Functional Headphones Hearing Aids, Driving Preven

Bone conduction intelligent awake glasses:Integrate head movement algorithms, bone conduction, polarized lenses and bipolar vibration technology to bring safety, health and unique enjoyment to drivers and outdoor players.
Innovation and Technology:Riding driving, manual control is inconvenient, bone conduction smart glasses just nod or shake their heads, you can complete the phone answer, hang up, switch songs, control the volume and other functions.
Drive at high speed doze off,bone conduction smart glasses vibration reminder, when you are drowsy, just shake your head and there will be continuous intermittent audio stimuli to help you stay awake, doze off, and reach your destination safely.

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