EZCO 4-Pack Screen Protector Compatible with Fitbit Versa & Versa Lite, Waterproof Tempered Glass Screen Protector Cover Saver Compatible Versa Smart Watch Scratch Resist Anti-Bubble

Package Includes: The whole package comes with 4 EZCO fitbit versa screen protectors, each with its own wet & dry wipes to clean your fitbit watch screen before installation. And it also came with a little suction cup to help hold the fitbit screen protector while securing to the watch.
High Quality: The fitbit versa screen protector tempered glass felt sturdy and made out of good quality materials. It is shatterproof and hard so it doesn’t scratch easily. Tempered glass is thick enough to protect your investment from the scratches and bumps of everyday life.
No bubbles. Crystal clear: The adhesive of the tempered glass screen protective cover worked well and there were no bubbles after applying it. Upon Installation it was easy to get the bubbles out and it fit like a glove and the edges stayed down.

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