AOGUERBE VR Headset, 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset with Headphone Bluetooth Remote Controller for 3D Movies Video Games Helmet and VR Apps Compatible with 4-6 inch iPhone Android Smartphones

❂√Ergonomic Design– This adjustable T-shaped strap is made of lightweight material, which can decrease the pressure around your eyes, face and on your head, providing you more comfortable feeling and suitable for more people. Removable front cover helps heat dissipation and keeps cool while enjoying the virtual world.
❂√3D Cinema Private– You can adjust the position of the spherical lens by moving the button on the top of the 3D VR to get a better experience. The VR headset lets you enjoy the giant IMAX luxury theater, a panoramic FOV experience of up to 120 degrees, can watch immersed 3D videos, full views, the gaming experience at any time.
❂√Adjustable Lenses — The lenses are adjustable in distance (dioptre adjustment) and the Interplanetary distance (IPD) is also adjustable. There are two ways to adjust the focal distance. You can either move the lenses forward and backwards within the headset, or you can move the phone itself.

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