Dacyflower Sports Glasses Goggles FDA Grade ABS Material 6PCS/Pack Basketball Sports View Anti-Blocking Training

Material: FDA grade ABS material; non-toxic and skin-friendly.
Strap can be adjusted to fit any size.
Limit the downward view, and this is a good product to help young players develop good ball control.

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FUN’IKI Glasses (Brown/Yellow)

In standard application with smartphone ① Incoming phone call ② Mail receiving ③ SNS reception ④ Schedule notification ⑤ Notify application notification with light and sound (Customize light and sound).
Notification (light alarm) with light after a specified time, lighting (tempo) at constant intervals, conversion of text to Morse code (Morse)
Available as a party item with light gradation function.

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Leegoal NFC Smart Multifunctional Ring,Smart Bracelet, Intelligent Wrist Watch, Smart Watch, NFC Wearing Ring for Android and Windows Phones

✅ [Smart Design]–This smart ring with a simple design is very portable and you can carry it everywhere.
✅ [Share and Transfer information]–The NFC ring can send private messages / images / business cards / website links to the person you want to share with, with a simple touch.
✅ [Multifunctional]–The NFC function can make the ring become a bus card. If the card is close to the mobile phone, it can be queried or recharged, as well as contact, browsing, linking and other functions.

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Titanium Waterproof App Enabled Smart Ring NFC Smart Ring for Android Windows NFC Mobile Phones Samsung Sony

This smart ring is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, Windows smart phones with NFC function. Fits for Samsung, Sony and so on
1. Healthy Element: made by liquid tungsten and epoxy crystal ceramic, improve the human metabolism and effectively promote blood circulation
2. Private Note: save all kinds of private information to this smart ring, such as schedule, account, memo and so on. And set the Ring Touch action to be the only way of view or edit

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Titanium Waterproof App Enabled Smart Ring NFC Smart Ring for iOS Android Windows NFC Mobile Phones Samsung iPhone Sony Black

This smart ring is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows smart phones with NFC function. Fits for iPhone, Samsung, Sony and so on
Main Features:
1. Healthy Element: many kinds of trace elements in crystal ceramic can improve the human metabolism and effectively promote blood circulation

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Utopia 360° Virtual Reality Headset with Controller | 3D VR Headset for VR Games, 3D Movies, and VR Apps – Compatible with iPhone and Android Smartphones

Our VR headset was designed with the user in mind. Other VR products are uncomfortable and lack adjustability. Utopia 360 features a form-fit cushion with cooling ventilation for maximum breathability. We also added 3-way adjustable straps with additional padding for the ultimate, customized feel.
The Bluetooth Controller adds to the already immersive VR experience by giving you total control in games, virtual words, and other virtual reality apps. Not only is our VR headset lightweight, you can take it with you! Utopia 360 is portable and perfect for on-the-go adventures. The form-fit cushion provides maximum comfort no matter where you are.
Utopia 360 is powered by your own device and is compatible with virtually any product, including iPhone iOS and Android. With hundreds of free VR apps from the Google Play and App Store, there are limitless possibilities of where our virtual reality technology can take you.

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vapeonly R3 NFC Magic Smart Ring Waterproof Electronics Mobile Phone Accessories Universal Compatible with Android iOS SmartRing Smart Watch (10#)

【Made of Germanium】: It is a kind of rare metal and its content is only about 0.0007% in the earth’s crust. It has superbly high health care efficacy, can improve the modern people comprehensive symptoms caused by the lack of exercise, working pressure and air pollution.
【Cotopaxi volcanic magmatic】: Thousands years of geological movement gives it striking ability, and enable it to have greater functions of relieving convulsion, soothing the nerves, calming the liver, improving ears and eyes, and relieving asthma than ordinary magnets.
【FIR Energy Stone】: All materials extract from natural mineral ,so that can release more pure Far infrared ray , Scarlar Energy and negative ions . Effectively improves the Krebs Cycle, Thus improves Energy , Endurance and Strength

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